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Negin taban company in zanjan in 2002, was founded with the most advanced modern machinery and equipment which in the result of many years of experimental and research work of the founders of this company.

This company made steel welds are on agenda and by utilizing the experience of engineers and craftmen, managers in the 2005 succeded in obtaining operation licence with capacity of 1105 ton per year.

Companys production line includes: cutting machines, forming operation, hot and cold flying, chipping and crusting, milling and machining, immersion furnance coloring unit.

Products of this company include: all kinds of elbowa,tees,reducers,nipple seamless,manisman. All products produced at all stages of high-quality, which in the result of the continnous effort of the companys staffs.

By continued policies of the board of company the first phase of development plan was completed in 2009 company was able to achieve production capacity of 2140 ton per year.

In the 2010 according to need and frequent request of customers and background of the commercial  division with the aim of supplying related parts including: gas valve pipe cast iron balls were launched.

Currently companys products and supplies are in the best quality and reasonable price also in short time delivered to respectable customers.

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